The Effect of The Entrepreneurs’ Club on its Community, City and Country

Joining a membership organization or social club enables you to enjoy various benefits and privileges. Such benefits and privileges vary depending on the goals and activities of your membership organization. The activities, events, and programs organized by membership organizations affect their members and communities. The members of The Entrepreneurs’ Club (TEC) enjoy various benefits from its events and activities. Upcoming entrepreneurs in the technology field are connected to experienced and successful entrepreneurs in the same field. These act as mentors and help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. The Entrepreneurs’ Club hosts events and seminars in the Silicon Valley that have a huge impact on the community of entrepreneurs in the region. Any entrepreneur who attends these events and seminars is trained on tapping local and international markets.

The Club teaches entrepreneurs on how to collaborate with large institutions and enter in to new markets, even saturated markets. Such training improves the quality of entrepreneurship in the country and particularly in that region. Raising entrepreneurs is beneficial to communities in any country. Equipping them with the right information enables them to expand their businesses to new markets. This means that they are able to meet more of their consumers’ needs, which in turn improves the standard of living or the quality of life in communities. The Entrepreneurs’ Club focuses recruits innovators in the technology field. Technology is now part of our daily lives. When entrepreneurs in this field are empowered, they are able to introduce new and better products in their respective communities. One advantage of joining the Club is that you get to meet and interact with venture capitalists.

Connecting entrepreneurs with venture capitalists ensures that entrepreneurs start and expand their businesses. Many of them are unable to expand their businesses and distribute their products to new markets because of lack of capital. Business expansion is beneficial to communities because it creates employment. As businesses expand, they require additional human resources, which entrepreneurs hire from their surrounding communities. Reducing unemployment reduces poverty levels and crime rates. Poverty pushes many people to crime and illegal businesses to earn a living. Many organizations embrace giving back to communities as part of their corporate social responsibility. They engage in various activities including cleaning the environment, offering scholarships to students, and enabling the disadvantaged communities start economic activities among others.

Following the training and access to additional capital, members of The Entrepreneurs’ Club increase their revenues and profits. Hence, entrepreneurs can allocate more funds and resources to community development as their businesses expand. The Club has an effect on the city and country. Business expansion translates to additional taxes for the government. Trained and equipped expand their businesses and start new businesses. Government authorities use tax revenues to provide social services to communities. The Club plays a significant role in encourage new entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses, which has a positive effect on the country’s economic growth. Small and medium enterprises play a huge role in the economic growth of many countries. The Club’s mentorship and training programs ensure that entrepreneurship skills are passed on to the new generation of entrepreneurs. This means that communities will benefits from higher levels of economic growth in the coming years.


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