The Business Model for The Entrepreneurs’ Club

If you have joined any membership organization or studied any of them, then you are familiar with how such organizations work. Membership organizations are exclusive to individuals with the same interests or in the same field. Some only recruit members at high ranks in their organizations or professions. Some membership organizations are social clubs that enable their members to enjoy certain activities and enjoy some privileges in social places. However, in the business world, membership organizations help their members build their businesses or professions to higher levels. The Entrepreneurs’ Club (ETC) as the name suggests bring together entrepreneurs and innovators in the technology field. Its membership consists of successful entrepreneurs in the technology field as well as investors and venture capitalists.

Most of the entrepreneurs in ETC have successful businesses. They network and help upcoming entrepreneurs in technology to achieve the same level of success. In their events and seminars, entrepreneurs and innovators interact with other members and receive advice for their specific businesses. TEC holds ten events every year in the Silicon Valley. These events bring together entrepreneur and experts in technology. The experts coach entrepreneurs on all areas in running a technology company. The areas covered include sales and marketing, launching new products, and accessing new local and international markets. Experts help entrepreneurs analyze market trends and their innovative ideas. With expert advice, entrepreneurs can determine the best business strategies based on such analysis. In addition, members establish new business contacts in such events that may include new suppliers at discounted prices, mentors, or new customers for their products or services.

One of the challenges that most entrepreneurs face is accessing capital for their businesses. Financial institutions have a lengthy procedure of issuing loans to business especially startups. Lack of capital discourages many innovators from pursuing their ideas. TEC understands the importance of working capital in running businesses. Its events bring together entrepreneurs, angel investors, and venture capitalists. TEC members have a chance to pitch their ideas to angel investors and receive funding and advice on their startups. They also access funds from venture capitalists that may also advice if their business models are not viable for funding. Another important area that TEC events cover is collaborating with other big corporations in the industry. Sometimes all an entrepreneur needs to succeed is a deal with another big company in the same line of business.

TEC teaches its members how to enter and conduct business in saturated markets. Seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs teach members how to build their businesses, overcome legal challenges, and how to deal with investors. Professionals can use their successful businesses as case studies or use the members’ businesses to conduct such training. During TEC seminars, members have a chance to interact directly with professionals and venture capitalists. They receive personalized advice for their businesses in such sessions. In addition to the coaching and educational sessions, TEC holds social events. Social events give members a chance to interact and enhance their team building skills. Social activities are an opportunity for members to meet venture capitalists and build their venture credibility.


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