Profile on The Entrepreneurs’ Club and the CEO

The Entrepreneurs’ Club is a network of successful entrepreneurs, professionals, venture capitalists, executives, investors and experts in technology. The organization was formerly known as CoolTech Club and was started in 2003. It has members from different ethnic groups but most of its members speak English, Hebrew, Russian, and European Languages. If you are an entrepreneur and speak any of these languages, then you are eligible to join this organization. In the past, the organization focused on Russian speaking entrepreneurs. It built the popular American Business Association of Russian Speaking Professionals from a small community of professionals to an international organization. The Entrepreneur’s Club has its headquarters in the Silicon Valley but holds meetings in other cities across the United States.

The Club has held various events in the Silicon Valley that have benefited its members and other entrepreneurs. One of the remarkable events was the Silicon Valley Open Doors Technology Investment Conference in 2005. This event brought together Russian speaking entrepreneurs and venture capitalists from the Silicon Valley. A similar event was held in 2010 that brought together Venture Capital Firms from Silicon Valley to Moscow. If you are an entrepreneur or professional in the Silicon Valley or the surrounding cities, you can benefit from this Club’s activities. The Club consists of entrepreneurs who have started and failed in business and hence can advise other entrepreneurs. You can take advantage of the Club’s events and seminars. It holds at least ten events in the Silicon Valley every year and seminars.

The events at Silicon Valley bring together entrepreneurs in the technology world who exchange ideas, learn from experts, and explore new markets. The events focus of sales and marketing of various technological products, accessing funds from venture capitalists and doing business in saturated markets. The seminars on the other hand bring together technology companies and investors from the USA and other countries. They are trained to explore local and international markets. The companies and investors receive personalized advice from experts. The Club’s management team consists of experienced and successful entrepreneurs and professionals. Stas Khirman is the founder of The Entrepreneurs’ Club. He was awarded a Masters degree in Mathematics in 1998 from the Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University.

Mr. Khirman has co-founded three startups in the Silicon Valley. He serves at the Chief Technology Officer of ChooChee Inc, which a leading company in the provision of cloud-based services. Mr. Khirman is a co-founder of Skyrider, which develops technologies that organize peer-to-peer networks. He also founded Narus, which is a global leader in the provision of software and technology for other companies in the industry and government agencies. Khirman served as VDOnet’s networking group leader before VDOnet was acquired by Citrix. He was the CTO at Deutsche Telekom Hosted Business Services Inc between 2013 and 2014. Stars Khirman has over 20 years experience in the technology and software industries and has served in many other organization as a research scientist, software engineer, and network engineer. Khirman is an inventor, manager, and visionary who has coached over 1,000 companies on business development, strategy and venture financing.


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