How FoundersCard does their work

If you are interested in joining a membership club or organization, you probably have come across FoundersCard. This unique organization has members in different parts of the world. Eric Kuhn founded the organization in 2009 with an aim of reaching entrepreneurs who are in most cases left out in other membership organizations. People join such organizations to enjoy discount rates and treatment for various services including travel, hotel, and lifestyle services. However, most member organizations only allow top business leaders and executive to join. New members are only introduced by existing members and must have certain status. Kuhn started FoundersCard to offer rewards and benefits to founders and innovators. About 60-70% of entrepreneurs who apply join FoundersCard are verified. They acquire different membership cards based on their contribution, needs, and preferences.

If you become a member of FoundersCard, you automatically qualify for discounted rates and preferential treatment in top hotels and resorts, airlines and lifestyle brands. Some brands offer products to FoundersCard members at discounted prices. The percentage of discount on prices and rates depend on your status in the organization. You decide how to use your card depending on the prices or rates of services you want. For instance, it may be cheaper to pay in cash for certain services such as flights instead of using the brands affiliated to FoundersCard. In addition to discounted prices and rates, members meet and interact over private events. Such events are platforms for member to share their ideas and lessons learnt in their entrepreneurship journey.

You spend about $795 dollars per year on membership fee to join the organization and an initiation fee of $95 as a new member. Sometimes the organization offers discounts on the membership fee. This membership fee qualifies you to enjoy discount hotel rates and cancellation privileges in top hotels such as Conrad, Kempinski, Ace Hotel, Park Hyatt, Kimptom and Andre Balazs among others. Hotel benefits favor entrepreneurs with many business trips and include car services in various destinations. As a member, you can travel at discounted rates in top airlines such as British Airways, American Airlines, JetBlue, Hilton HHonors, Virgin Atlantic, and Cathay Pacific among others. Members can save up to 35% of their travel expenses. Some fashion, clothes, fitness, and entertainment brands offer their services at preferential prices to FoundersCard members.

Members choose and apply for the benefits that suit their lifestyle. Once you identify the benefits that will help you gain value on your membership fee, log on to the organization’s dashboard and apply. The benefits will be added to your account depending on your status. It takes a few days to activate the benefits. You can save a lot of money depending on your choices of benefits. The membership fee sometimes discourages entrepreneurs from this and other exclusive organizations. However, if your lifestyle or nature of business demands that you travel and spend weeks in hotels, then such an organization is beneficial. The membership fee might be much lower than the amount of money you save when you use your loyalty card. In addition, you receive invitations to exclusive events that will help you establish new networks for your business.


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