Aarong and the CEO

Aarong Life Saving Skills

Bangladesh has got all what it is required to leave your mouth wide open when it comes to artistic. Most of her people are blessed with artistic skills which would leave many with the desire to purchase one if not two or more. Unfortunately, the nation is located in a region which has got adverse weather conditions. It is for this reason that Aarong was founded to provide alternative source of finance to the poor people of Bangladesh. Ayesh Abed, the founder of BRAC, in nineteen seventies was trying to investigate every possible alternative production form, best suit for women, and proper commercialization of artistic products turned out as the most promising alternative. What a brilliant idea from Ayesh. Indeed, we should credit her for that.

Aarong was established in 1978 through collaboration of Ayesh Abed and Martha Chen. This marked the beginning of life changing era through this program initiated by these two innovative ladies. The organization was found as retail chain of BRAC, a non-profit making organization in Bangladesh. This is to say, Aarong operates in line with the idea of the BRAC, that is, to eradicate poverty and empower the poor in the world. This is exactly what Aarong does. If it were not for Aarong, I believe even today, these artistic and creative capabilities would have remained blind to the broad world. Since then, Aarong has established itself as one of the most promising non-profit making organization in the world. The organization has as well won several honors across the globe. Just to mention a few, in February 25th, 2014, the Aarong senior director and the CEO, Tamara Hasan Abed, was awarded the price for Outstanding Women Leadership by the World Women Leadership. This award was a sign of remarkable efforts Aarong has made towards equality, marked with challenges and success. I believe that was just a symbolic of many awards yet to come.

Today, all through Bangladesh and international markets, the name Aarong is synonymous with uniqueness, originality and quality. Aarong provides the market with a gracious blend of customary and contemporary, which makes sure that every product is unique, original and marketable in the today’s society. Aarong offers varieties of quality products which ranges from pottery work, woven blankets, leather items, silk, brass pieces, magnificent wood carvings and jewelry. Aarong artisans have ensured the culture of Bangladesh has not lost through incorporating that important part of history in their artistic.

The artisans are registered members of the organization and depend entirely on the sales made by Aarong which in most case is their only source of income to support their family which majority has single breadwinner. Aarong has got several workshops where artisans prepare their products. In fact, it is cumbersome to work from home. Today, Aarong has got nine production centers and over three hundred sub-centers all through Bangladesh, making it more comfortable for artisans who live in rural areas. Aarong has given opportunity to each of us to own a product which is not only handcrafted in Bangladesh but also has beauty and rich culture. Most interestingly, every piece you purchase ensures that the Bangladesh rural communities have hope for future.


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