Are Social Activists Social Entrepreneurs?

Are Social Activists Social Entrepreneurs?

In a world where there are innumerable social entrepreneurs, you would expect that social problems would be inexistent. However, everyone knows that the society is facing one problem after another. Clearly, many people are still dying of hunger and disease. Still, education systems in many countries are still not as wholesome as it is expected. Further, poverty is still a big issue in many third world countries. Therefore, it is certain that there is an issue of what social entrepreneurs are doing today, and what there are actually supposed to do. Otherwise, if they did understand their role well, most of the world’s problems would have been solved already.

If you have a keen eye, you will easily identify the reason why social entrepreneurship courses are not being impactful. You will notice that many people under such tags are getting involved in social activism instead of entrepreneurship. Though a majority of them have very good ideas and passion for social courses, they will never go through all the steps that entrepreneurs should. All their efforts and resources are channeled towards advocating for social courses. Actually, even those who have spoken about social courses for a few days or weeks will refer to themselves as entrepreneurs. On the other hand, it is established, true entrepreneurs come up with solutions and further ensure that their initiatives are sustainable. Further, their work is not limited to specific time frame- as it is the case with the activists. Rather, they aim at ensuring that their organizations impact the society for a very long time and on a global scale.

Certainly, social activists are very gifted when it comes to talking about a social issue. They can easily convince the most stubborn people to contribute towards social change. They may also get more airplay in mainstream media stations because they are loud. Hence, the noise they have made on social courses may have made it seem as if there are many social entrepreneurs in the world. However, you will be surprised if you try to count the number of true social entrepreneurs- they are only a handful. It must not be forgotten, though, that there is nothing wrong with activism. In fact, some people say that most social entrepreneurs are activists. This means that they do not only engage in the talk about social courses, but that they ‘walk the talk’ by ensuring that their ideas solve the prevailing social issues today.

In addition, when people combine social entrepreneurship and activism, more impact can be made in the society. Through talk, there are many times when people need to be persuaded to help solve the societal problems. More so, through activism, a movement to create social change is started. Thus, many people should be encouraged to not only become activists, but also turn into entrepreneurs for the common good of the society. Further still, as people enroll in entrepreneurship courses and choose related careers, they must consider engaging in activism.  Nonetheless, the confusion about social entrepreneurship and social activism should be eliminated for once and for all. This way, the world will stop having unrealistic expectations about the impact and progress of social entrepreneurship courses.


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