Social marketing

Unlike commercial marketing, social marketing is a type of business strategy in pursuit of ‘social good’. While commercial marketing mainly focuses on lucrative business acumen to maximise their profit, social marketing specifically targets individual for the provision of social goods in the society to the hilt.

Social marketing strives to achieve social good through changing behaviors of individual. Nowadays, many governments like US, Canada, UK and a number of countries with developed welfare system use social marketing to increase awareness about the issues related to healthcare. For instance, the government of India uses social marketing as a method of their AIDS controlling program. The ‘Health Challenge England’, which was adopted since 2006 in Britain used social marketing tactics to change the behavior of their citizens that ultimately makes them obese compared to the people from other countries.

Although social marketing mainly dominates the health related social efficacy, it has versatile uses. Nowadays, social marketing is also used to encourage the sustainable behavior of people. As the environment we live in changes on a daily basis as a result of human activity, environmentalists, government and NGOs working to achieve environmental sustainability uses social marketing to change people’s behavior in how they treat the environment. Not only individuals but also they target enterprises and encourage them to implement systematic disciplines and the company’s overall plans with consideration of environmental sustainability. In particular, corporations benefiting from the environmental resources have a propensity to abuse the resources and this form of behavior must be changed in a way that both environment and industries based on the environment benefit. For the next decade, the role of social marketing in changing the behaviors will be far more efficient if companies actually implement social marketing in their tactics.

The capitalism-based economy justifies the reason for companies to use commercial marketing instead of social marketing. However, corporations must take into account they have accountability to help promote social goods under the name of living entity in the earth. From government to NGOs and social enterprises, social marketing will play a significant role in their ultimate goals.


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